Role models who inspire


One of the most important parts of FutboLISTAS is our mentors. They are local women who come once a month to share their personal stories, introduce our girls to different career paths, and reflect on the life skills our program reinforces. Our mentors demonstrate to players that there are skills, such as communication, leadership, and perseverance, that are not only important on the football field, but also in personal and professional development.



If you can see it, you can be it


Nowadays, we see more and more professional women getting the visibility and recognition they deserve as true role models. However, we still have work to do in this area. Many textbooks or media outlets fail to give a real voice to or shine light upon women who stand out in their career fields. It’s much harder for a girl to dream of becoming an astronaut, journalist, artist, or pilot if she’s never seen a woman in that role. FutboLISTAS’ mentors help encourage girls to dream big by showing them firsthand that they can become anything they set their minds to.

María José Andrade


A journalist with experience working for Canal Sur and Sevilla FC Radio. Additionally, the founder and leader of Mujeres Valientes (Meridiana Awards of 2020).

Estela Moreno


Author of the work “Pepuka

and the Monster That Took Away Her Smile” (Meridiana Awards 2020).

Ana González Pinto


A former Provincial Coordinator

for the Andalusian Institute

for Women in Seville.

Reyes Bellver


A lawyer specialized in sports law,

who has experience with Bellver Sports,

Leadership Woman Football, and FIFA.

Blanca Vera


An entrepreneur and general manager

of AlAire Pilots, who won the

Courage of the Self-Employed award in 2018.

Nuria Gaciño


A sports journalist at Canal Sur Radio

with extensive experience in television

and with the press.

Amaya Davis


An engineer

with experience at Lockheed Martin,

as well as a Solar System Ambassador for NASA.

Ana García Álvarez


A teacher

and the head of studies at the

Tartessos Institute of Secondary Education.

Esperanza Martínez


A sports psychologist and online therapist,

who has experience with

SportsPlus Center.

Annette Morcos


A teacher, artist, and chef,

who has experience with

International Studies Abroad.

Do you want to be a mentor for FutboLISTAS?

If you are interested in being one of our next mentors, or know of someone who would like to be one, you can click on the ‘mentor application’ button, which will take you to the form. We will get back to you as soon as possible and be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Magdalena Arcia


A doctor

who specializes

in psychotherapy.

Amparo Gutiérrez


The Director of Sevilla Football Club’s women’s football operations and

former professional football player.

Since 2019, we have had almost fifty mentors visit FutboLISTAS, and the number will continue to grow as the seasons progress. Our mentors are women from a wide variety of career fields who mostly live in Seville, though their careers have made them well known across the country and in some cases across the world.

FutboLISTAS' mentors

Muriel Bujalance


A former elite athlete for Spain's national taekwondo team, who won several medals in world and European tournaments. In addition, a social educator.

Javiera Toro


A footballer for Sevilla FC Women's and Chile’s national team, who was present at the 2019

World Cup and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Amparo Delgado


A Sevilla FC Women’s midfielder, who played for Sevilla at the elite level since 2008 and who has knowledge of various branches of education.

Esther Sullastres


A Sevilla FC Women's goalkeeper

with prior experience on Spain’s national team,

who is also training to be a veterinarian.

Eli Del Estal


A Sevilla FC Women's footballer,

with experience in other Spanish clubs

and in the South Korean league.

Sara Eichau


A neurologist

and Multiple Sclerosis research coordinator

at the Virgen Macarena Hospital.

Lucía Aragón


A journalist

and researcher

who specializes in human rights.

Sarah Gemba


An entrepreneur and travel planner

who arranges creative, immersive experiences

through cultural trips.

María Linares


A sports psychologist

focused on the values of sports

and gender equality.

Nuria Egea


A biologist specializing

in cultivating microalgae

to conserve and recover biodiversity.

Beatriz Santamaría


A chiropractor specializing

in treatments for pregnant women

& minors.

Carmen de Molina


Worker of the Sevilla FC Foundation.

With experience as community manager

in different social projects.

Débora García


Footballer who won the Spanish league

and four times the Spanish Cup.

She also studied to be a social worker and educator.

Almudena Rivero


A Sevilla FC Women's footballer.

Also played for the Under-19

Spanish National Team.

Nagore Calderón


A Sevilla FC Women's footballer

with prior experience on Spain’s national team,

who has also studied Education.

Rocío Cañizares


Pastry chef and ice-cream maker.

Managing owner

of Bolas ice cream parlours.

Esther García


Director of communication

in the BIOAlverde project

(social and sustainable).

Rocío Cañizares



of the Andalusian Cystic Fibrosis


Toni Payne


Professional football player.

She plays for Nigeria's

national team.

Rocío Giráldez


A former football player

for Spain's national team.

She also studied Chiromassage.

Carmen Álvarez


Professional football player.

World Champion with Spain's

U-20 national team.

Nuria Ligero 


Professional football player.

She also studied

Physical Education.

Gaëlle Thalmann


Professional football player.

Goalkeeper for Switzerland's

national team.

Paula Perea


Professional football player.

With training in


Rocío Plasencia


Architect specialized

in inclusive and gender


Beatriz Carmona



specialized in researching

and treating rare diseases.

Marian Otamendi


Director of

World Football


Activities with mentors