The FutboLISTAS method


The program we follow at FutboLISTAS is based on a method with three fundamental, general objectives:


1. Promote healthy habits, both physical and mental.

2. Foster girls’ confidence in themselves and their peers.

3. Further the development of young women, personally and professionally.


To achieve these goals, we combine football drills with English practice, reinforcement of life values, talks with professional mentors, and socio-emotional learning that fosters empowerment.




Considering the basis of our method, we organize the trainings entirely in English and in the follow way:


1st: Warm-up and football exercises.

2nd: Break. Practice English and values with various games, books, and discussions about female athletes. Once a month, we organize talks with professional women who explain how the values we learn on the football field can have an impact on their professional careers.

3rd: Continue with football exercises, now relating them back to the values covered during the break. Finally, we close the session with a friendly match.


These activities are always developed taking into account the different ages and levels of English of our girls. In this way, everyone can learn and enjoy the experience without being left behind.

Value-based planning


To meet the objectives of the program through our trainings, we follow a calendar in which there are five thematic units. Each unit corresponds to a life value: teamwork, leadership, perseverance, communication, and responsibility.


Each value is the center of focus for about five or six weeks, depending on the value in question, and activities are developed parallel to the school year. Thus, in each trimester, we work on different competencies.

Activities with mentors


Our mentors are professional women who live in Seville. They come once a month to share their personal stories, introduce our girls to different career paths, and talk about the importance of leadership, communication, teamwork, perseverance, and preparation both on and off the field.


In this fashion, girls obtain tangible, female references who encourage them to continue training to be whatever it is they dream of being. For this very reason, our mentors come from very diverse, professional fields. To date, we have had the pleasure of featuring engineers, teachers, journalists, writers, & psychologists, among others. At the end of the day, this is one of many activities we implement to motivate the girls to be much more than just athletes.

Commitment to the Sustainable Development Goal


The FutboLISTAS program includes several Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda. Thus, we do our part to make Seville and its surroundings a more sustainable area. Specifically, our impact is directly related to the following goals:


  • Good health and well-being (SDG No. 3): we spread healthy habits through the practice of sports, which is very important for the development and growth of our girls.
  • Quality education (SDG No. 4): our program promotes physical education and the teaching of English. To this end, the girls have a team of instructors who are experts in English (level C1, or native), and come from entities dedicated to the training of sports coaches and/or with studies related to physical activity.
  • Gender equality (SDG No. 5): at FutboLISTAS we promote gender equality and female empowerment in society. We offer the girls of Seville the possibility of playing football in a non-competitive environment, an option that hardly exists in the city, nor in the province. In addition, we organize talks and activities with female mentors, so that our girls have more professional women as a reference.
  • Reduced inequalities (SDG No. 10): we facilitate access to sport and bilingual education for young people living in less favorable economic and social situations. Consequently, we offer special enrollment models that can lead to completely free enrollment of girls in FutboLISTAS.
  • Peace, justice and strong institutions (SDG No. 16):  the practice of women’s football based on values helps to spread messages, such as solidarity, respect, and empathy for their environment among the youngest girls in Seville. As a result, girls are helping in their personal growth, developing a critical point of view.
  • Partnerships for the goals (SDG No. 17): we build connections with other Sevillian, Andalusian, and international entities in order to progress towards a more tolerant and just society.

Donations to FutboLISTAS


FutboLISTAS is a non-profit entity. Thanks to donations we improve services and give scholarships. Any help will serve to continue redefining football in Seville and Spain.


Help us empower girls through sport and mentorship by making a donation today!