FutboLISTAS aims to show girls in Seville that soccer is more than just a sport, and that they are more than just athletes.


During every practice: we start with a discussion, in English, about one or two life skills; we illustrate these life skills through soccer drills; and we assign short homework assignments that allow the girls to continue to think about how they can apply these life skills to their daily life. At the end of each month, we arrange conversations with professional women in Spain who explain how these life skills have had an impact on their careers.


The benefits of playing sports are infinite: better health, higher self esteem, a decrease in symptoms of stress and depression, and increased energy and confidence to complete tasks and achieve goals.


According to this article in Forbes, "Research has shown that a background in sports enhances a woman’s leadership potential, helping to propel them to the highest ranks in fields where women’s representation remains anemic."


FutboLISTAS offers a fun, safe space in a girls-only environment where we empower girls not only to learn to play soccer and gain strength, but also to develop key life skills and to begin to think about their future careers.


We want our girls to feel proud to be strong, smart, prepared, and ambitious.